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Why should I study MBBS from Abroad?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should I get my MBBS degree from Abroad ?

        First and the foremost reason to do MBBS in abroad is your Cost of study, 
        At present doing an MBBS course in India is became one of the most expensive option in the world and the financial burden for taking a management seat makes it impossible for most of the Parents in India to send their child to their dream career. 
         Mean time Abroad colleges are offering Medical degree programs in throw away prices. with High quality education in English Language.

How safe is to study MBBS in Abroad Colleges ?

       The colleges we deal with are having 100s and 1000s of Indian students studying at present, Our Colleges in Central Asia & Europe has not reported any student issues or accidents till date, which we can see and hear in Indian Colleges regularly.

How good are the Education in Abroad ?  What about the Language?

        All our Abroad colleges are conducting education in English Language, and the quality of education is at World standard, some of our colleges are already started ‘Smart Class Education’ which we cannot see in most of the Indian Colleges.

How about Local assistance and support for students in Abroad? and what about Indian food & Accommodation?

         We have our own team of Indian coordinators in all the countries where we send students, We also provide Indian food in the Mess and Accommodation for Indian students together. 
        The hostel facilities are separate for girls and boys, we have 24hrs security service at the Hostel.

What about MCI screening Test?

         MCI screening test is been considered as on of the biggest hurdle for Abroad students getting Medical Degree, Now the greatest news is that the MCI exams have been liberalized and in addition to that we provide MCI test coaching for all our students from the first year onward,  and our MCI results for the last two years were excellent with almost all the students clearing the MCI screening test.

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